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Tough Conversations lead to Better Conclusions

Tough Conversations lead to Better Conclusions It’s a simple idea and so obvious that, like many obvious things, I hadn’t given this much thought until recently. It came to mind when my colleague, Diane Brown, had to provide advice to friends during the liquidation of...

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How to Disappoint a Client

 Addressing Clients   My colleague Diane Brown, together with 2 of her business partners, recently paid a not insignificant sum of money to attend a sales conference. The company running the event is well known and, although it must remain nameless, the day’s agenda...

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When is a Senior Team a Team?

Managing Change A very senior officer of a multi-national corporation told me last week that his Board has no need for team coaching.   They already operate, he said proudly, as a highly effective Team.   Their profits are rising across their portfolio; he is...

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Team Leadership in a Kaleidoscope World

Partnerships and Alliances Famously, Henry Ford founded a business which owned all the components of its own production.  That model, once widely used, no longer works in our networked and global markets.  Today, most competitive businesses choose to buy...

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Inside Out – take on the world

Inside Out – a workshop to help you look and feel fabulous so that you are ready to take on the world Do you feel invisible and irrelevant? Have you lost your way? Are you fearful of what the future holds? If this sounds like you and you’d like to take back control of...

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Perceptions of Personality

Self Perception  My colleague Diane Brown and I were chatting the other day about the human difficulty of understanding how others see us.  Not quite such a dull conversation as it sounds.  Both of us had just had nasty and separate experiences of...

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Your Time to Shine

A 90 Day Programme to re-discover you, your many talents, what's truly important to you and be able to see things, make decisions and take action from a place of confidence, clarity and self-belief. Are there goals in your life you would like to achieve but you find...

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Expert salesmen versus the internet

It’s not easy to be a salesman in the world of the internet. Every customer knows everything, or rather, every customer thinks they know everything, long before you get to meet them. Having returned to the UK from living in Qatar last year, I had thought I could live...

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Service at a Standstill

There are things that happen every day, that spoil a mood, unbalance a relationship and damage mutual confidence. Worse, these little things usually pass by with neither side deliberately making an effort to understand the damage caused. They sit in the unconscious...

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Two Tales of Customer Service

Many businesses talk about providing good customer service, but in the UK we all seem to feel that we are seeing a decline in its actual practice. Customer service isn’t about being polite and smiling, although yes, of course, that does help. It’s about taking actions...

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