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Your Time to Shine

A 90 Day Programme to re-discover you, your many talents, what's truly important to you and be able to see things, make decisions and take action from a place of confidence, clarity and self-belief. Are there goals in your life you would like to achieve but you find...

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Expert salesmen versus the internet

It’s not easy to be a salesman in the world of the internet. Every customer knows everything, or rather, every customer thinks they know everything, long before you get to meet them. Having returned to the UK from living in Qatar last year, I had thought I could live...

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Service at a Standstill

There are things that happen every day, that spoil a mood, unbalance a relationship and damage mutual confidence. Worse, these little things usually pass by with neither side deliberately making an effort to understand the damage caused. They sit in the unconscious...

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Two Tales of Customer Service

Many businesses talk about providing good customer service, but in the UK we all seem to feel that we are seeing a decline in its actual practice. Customer service isn’t about being polite and smiling, although yes, of course, that does help. It’s about taking actions...

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