What We Deliver:

1. Training for sales professionals
2. Customer Service training
3. Professional sales resource
4. Coaching and mentoring

The Dialogue Approach

Dialogue International helps companies develop their people.

Our training works in two specific areas: sales/business development and customer services. Your organisation will already recognise that having highly motivated and successful sales people and delivering exceptional service is vital to the bottom line; there are always opportunities for improvement.

We help companies achieve great outcomes by training, coaching, mentoring and facilitating the learning of people. With a background in capital goods sales, telecommunications, defence and other sectors, we offer a wealth of skills and knowledge which we are keen to share to help others achieve success.

Our blend of embedded learning at the coal face is what makes us different to standard classroom style training. Everything we do is tailored for individual business requirements. We base our service on our ability to develop a deep understanding of where your business currently is, and what outcome you intend to achieve.

Dialogue International has experience of working in the Middle East, Africa as well as the United Kingdom and Europe and will deliver worldwide – wherever you need us.

The Dialogue Process

We use experiential learning because we recognise
• No one learns just by listening
• Everyone learns differently
• No one learns if they are unhappy

We will understand, design and deliver
• We need to spend time with you to understand your business needs
• We will complete a gap analysis and design for you a solution
• We will deliver tailored training and education for your people; and
• We will follow up to ensure habits have been formed, and benefits are tangible

Diane Brown is a multi-award winning sales professional with over 23 years of experience working for large multi-national blue chip organisations and has worked in both the UK and the Middle East. In addition to her huge experience in the sales arena, she is particularly expert at operating in complex and diverse multi-cultural environments.

In setting up Dialogue International, Diane is chasing her passion: the improvement of the customer experience. During her years in both sales and customer service she has always delivered sustainable growth because she cares. She knows that proper services can only be rendered when the supplier absolutely understands the needs of the customer. In bringing the practicalities of this lesson to her work she has been instrumental in both the design and delivery of sales training. Her mission is to help sales and operational staff to understand how they can meet customer needs. Getting it right brings rewards for everyone.

Diane’s greatest strength is an unparalleled emotional intelligence and intuition, closely coupled with commercial intelligence. She has the skill of developing close and long-term working relationships with clients, gaining trust and developing business understanding of their needs in order to provide dynamic and radical solutions.

Most importantly, Diane’s skill is in helping other people to develop the same skills.

In addition, we offer the chance to bring in additional temporary or part time sales personnel, allowing businesses to make use of professional salesmen at times when they cannot justify resourcing a fully professional and full time team themselves.

If you’d like to arrange to meet Diane, please contact her on either +44 (0) 7799 723256 or diane.brown@dialoguetraining.org.

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