A 90 Day Programme to re-discover you, your many talents, what’s truly important to you and be able to see things, make decisions and take action from a place of confidence, clarity and self-belief.

Are there goals in your life you would like to achieve but you find yourself re-visiting them and realising time has passed by yet again and you still haven’t achieved them?

Maybe you are doubting your ability to achieve them, don’t know where to start. too stuck in old thinking habits and thinking patterns, scared to make a change.

Or you have spent a long-time doing things that are well in your comfort zone but now you want to step up you find that you need different skills and feel stuck.

Well, I have good news for you. None of this is the real problem. The real problem is you haven’t made the 3 shifts that will bring you the success you are looking for with your goals.

The 90 Day Programme

Our 90 Day Programme: This is YOUR Time to Shine incorporates all three shifts, uses proprietary assessments to understand your hidden talents, and addresses beliefs and obstacles you have been putting in your way.

You get to work with two mentors who understand your journey, support you when you need encouragement. and challenge you when they sense you are sliding away from what you really want in life.

More Details

Click on the link here to see the full details:

This Is Your Time To Shine Womens 90 Day Programme March 2019 (PDF)

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